Design Guidelines

Keeping some important rules in mind to avoid issues after you place an order or after delivery.

Rule 1 :
Do not scale your data – All data provided must be 1/1 (100%)
Rule 2 :
Use the same offset for all the layers and the drill data preferably use no offset at all
Rule 3:
Use the same units (mm or inch) in your gerber. Excellon output files as in your CAD PCB design software. This will eliminate conversion or rounding errors.
Rule 4:
Use the same resolution (grid) for your gerber drill data to allow a perfect match.
Rule 5 :
Set the same resolution (grid) for output (gerber and drill file) to 6 decimals using the imperial system and 5 decimals using the native system as recommended in the gerber specification.

Viewing a PCB from top to bottom through the board is the universal practice in the PCB industry. We view and handle your data in the same way as does your CAD PCB design software. Always make sure you include the board outline on all the layers. This will enable in to perfectly align on all the layers in case of an offset problems.

It is better if you provide the board outline separately in gerber in mechanical layout.